Agenda at a Glance


Welcome address from Informa Markets in India


Keynote Presentation:

Introduction to the contemporary healthcare industry – understanding the connection between technology & healthcare
Ravinder Singh , World’s Top 10 Robotic Designer – World’s Top 25 CIO’s, #AI Leader in Asia – Inventor – Medical Devices


Value Based Healthcare in India – Brainstorming with the Key opinion leaders of the industry

  • What & Why - acute disparity in healthcare – metropolitan cites, tier 2 & 3, rural ‘Bharat’
  • Value based healthcare & purchasing power parity in India
  • Why hospitals in rural ‘Bharat’ are not successful models irrespective of maximum consumer base?
  • Cost of delivering quality healthcare – manufacturing, logistics, sourcing & procurement
  • Research & Development in Indian Healthcare vs Expensive laboratory & diagnostic services
  • Affordable technology solutions – minimizing costs & maximizing gains – can we touch the ROI?
  • Summarizing the chain reaction – qualified doctors to quality care – where do we stand in delivering Value based healthcare to our exponential Indian population?
Cdr Navneet Bali , Director - Northern Region, Narayana health
Devanand Kolothudi , CEO, Aster DM Healthcare
Ravinder Singh , World’s Top 10 Robotic Designer – World’s Top 25 CIO’s, #AI Leader in Asia – Inventor – Medical Devices
Dr. George Noel Fernandes , Chief Executive Officer, Viveka Hospitals


Morpfisec session

Theme 1: Role of Digitalization in transforming healthcare


Understanding why Telemedicine is more important today than ever before?

  • How Telemedicine is revolutionizing healthcare?
  • Examining the challenges around Remote patient monitoring, telehealth virtual visits & emergency response system
  • How can Information Technology companies help bridge the gap?
Dr Pankaj Gupta , Head of Department - Digital Health, Access Health International – India
Dr Chandrika Kambam , Director – Clinical Services, HCG - Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd
Dr Surya Bali , Nodal Officer, Telemedicine, AIIMS, Bhopal
V P Kamath , Group Chief Operating Officer, Pinnacle Cancer Centres India & International (A unit of Metropolitan Cancer Care Centres)


AI – the future of digitalised healthcare

  • Learning about the application of AI in digital infrastructure
  • Understanding the connection & relevance of Big Data
  • Machine learning for Digitalised healthcare
  • Evidence based Healthcare - Predictive Analysis in Healthcare
  • Expert Market analysis – IoMT& Technology
  • Understand the significance of IoMT for delivering a transforming healthcare experience
  • Analyzing the contemporary digital strategies for successfully engaging remote patient care
Rajiv Sikka , CIO, Medanta – The Medicity Hospital, Delhi
Neeraj Lal , Group Senior Vice President, Medicover Hospitals
Shuvankar Pramanick , CIO, Columbia Asia Hospitals


Fireside Chat - Digitalised healthcare – Vulnerability to cybersecurity risks

  • Cyber security in Digitalised Healthcare - Data Governance
  • End point & Network Infrastructure for hospitals & diagnostic centre
  • Cloud & Data Storage by healthcare professionals, clinics & hospitals
  • Data Sharing for patient dossier, sensitive information
Ishaq Quadri , CIO, S healthcare, Board Member, HIMSS
16:45 - Conference Day 1 Ends


Welcome address from Informa Markets in India

Theme 2: Digitalised Healthcare Infrastructure:


Digitalized Supply Chain in Healthcare

  • Enabling digitalised & cost-effective technologies in supply chain to cut sourcing & procurement costs for an affordable Healthcare
  • Understanding the loopholes in traditional logistics practices
  • Examining the benefits in ROI – AI & Cold chain in healthcare supply chain
Dr. Ananth Rao , Assistant Vice President - Operations, Parkway Healthcare India Pvt Lt
Dr Karan Thakur , Vice President - Operations & Communications, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
Pradeep Mishra , GM - General Manager & Head - Central Procurement & Supply Chain, Paras Healthcare Pvt. Ltd


Securing Healthcare: Sophos Cybersecurity Ecosystem

  • Safeguarding sensitive patient data: Securing personal details which could have a huge toll if exposed – for the individual, and the organization
  • Gaining confidence on ransomware: Healthcare is a major target for ransomware actors due to the significant PII held
  • Supporting an increasingly mobile workforce: Enabling people to work securely from anywhere
  • Overcoming the cyber skills gap: Bolstering teams who are overworked, and/or lack specific security expertise
  • Preventing user error: Protecting the organization from individuals’ mistakes – especially when users are overworked and/or working remotely
  • Handling unrealistic workloads: Saving time and reducing the admin burden for stretched IT teams
Ravindra Baviskar(CCNA, CEH, CCNSP, CCNSE) , Director - Sales Engineering (India & SAARC), Sophos Technologies Pvt Ltd


Patient safety, experience & engagement

  • Smart digital solutions for infection prevention & Medical Risk Management for enhancing patient experience & engagement
  • Captivating on digitalized tools & diagnosis for creating a value-based healthcare model – affordability & accessibility
  • The future of Patient safety & experience in India
Dr Mervin Leo , COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Hyderabad
Manoj Ahlawat , Assistant Vice President - Supply Chain Management, Max Healthcare


Role of #Opensource #DigitalHealth #buildingblocks on #DataQuality and #eGovernance in Community Medicine

Dr Pankaj Gupta , Head of Department - Digital Health, Access Health International – India


Significance of Healthcare Infrastructure

  • Understanding the impact of Covid on healthcare infrastructure
  • What are the trends & necessities around healthcare infrastructure in India?
  • How can technology help in transforming overall infrastructure?
  • Digitalised Hospitals- Innovative solutions & Developments in infrastructure automation & management to enhance patient experience
16:45 - Conference Day 2 Ends